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Wed 19th Aug 2015 - 5:16pm : Gaming

           World of Tanks is steadily growing market for esports, which is spread across four servers including North America, Europe, Russia, Asia. The game has 2-3 seasons per year, and every 2 seasons the winners of Gold League play other winners in servers in Warsaw, Poland for Grand Finals for a total Prize pool of $300,000.  SetToDestroyX new World Of Tanks team was founded originally by two members; the current captain of the team "GLM" and the other "_Smiliey" who has retired due to family.  

Before founding the team, GLM was captain of WoT Team "The Replacements", another silver league team and smiliey was trying out for the team. GLM had to disband the team due to a lack of dedication and commitment from the members of the team. He had received an offer from _Smiliey who said the best way to know dedication and commitment from players is to set a rule that each player has to leave their clan and join the current clan. This would make the players leave their clans and leave all the campaign and rewards behind to show how committed they are to the team, an idea and a vision. After the team was founded, it only took both of them to get the rest of the members in the team within a week. Half of the players, who joined at that time, are not with the team anymore due to jobs and vacations during the summer. The team had started to practice as soon as they got their minimum player requirements in the team. The goal set by the captain, co-captain and the members is the same, which is winning the silver league and going to Gold league the season after.


 "As much as the team’s goal is to win the silver league, and go to Gold league,

our future goal will also be of going to The Grand Finals

and making the North American server proud."

- Saif "GLM" 

Before the sponsorship with STDx, the team was known as "Ban Hammer".  Certainly it was given as a nickname to the team called GLM for fun. The team faced a couple bumps during the off-season like any other competitive team does due to finding the right members and chemistry for the team and who will be an asset for the team now and in the future. Nevertheless, GLM and KaiserVitus found seven members who they found to all be unique and possess skils to be an asset to the team. They currently still have one roster spot open for the team, who will be taken up by one of the experienced players in the game.

All nine members in the team including "GLM" and "KaiserVitus" have previous league experience which is what sets them apart from other teams. "GLM" the captain of the team has previously been captain of "The Replacements" of Silver league, and "Victorious Secret" of Gold/Silver/Bronze league. KaiserVitus has been a part of "Simply Irresistable" of Gold league. "Chase" was a player that was brought into the team mid-way through off-season, came from "Tomato Stealers" another Silver league team. "Jdawgg" a shots-caller for the team comes from "Short Bus Snipers" (captain), "Mondovian Republican Guard" and "Rat Patrol with Tracks" from Open league, and "Anonymous Outlaws" of bronze league. "Ozwald007" is one of the most experienced players in the team and has been a gamer for many years and comes from "WarNpeace" currently Silver and ex-Gold league team. "Vexon1" completed half the season with "Danger Close" an ex-Bronze league and current Silver league team. "Bbanzai" was picked up also half way throughout the season who was a part of "eLevate Red" Silver league and current Gold league team, he is also one of the MLG streamers of the team. "Hammy" is one of the master-minds in the team who came from the team "Denial of Scrubbies" from Bronze league. "WhiskeyDod" is another shots-caller and MLG streamer in the team who comes from various teams such as "Simple Tankers" (now known as "Synergy Gaming"), "Ehrmagerd Caernervern", and "Simplistic" off of Gold league; and "The Replacements" from Silver league.

The current World of Tanks format is 7/54 which means you can have a maximum of 7 players in-battle and minimum of 5 players. 54 means you can have only 54 tier points allocated to your team with a maximum of tier 8 and a minimum of tier 6. These rules can only make two line-ups for the battle such as 6 tier 8s and 1 tier 6 or 5 tier 8s and 2 tier 7s. The team also comes with 3 reserves making it a total of 10 players per team. SetToDestroyX of World of Tanks does not believe that anyone in the team can be a reserve, everyone is a starter and can play all battles and everyone including the caller sits outs, where the back-up caller starts calling and so on. 


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