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In late 2015, Finnish game publisher, Critical Force, released a mobile FPS game called Critical Ops (C-OPS). The game has taken the popular multiplayer concepts of most war-based shooter games and made it accessible to all skill levels. There is no story mode for the game, but instead, it combines tactical and technical skills on a variety of maps through PvP competition. Two game modes are accessible for the players. Deathmatch pits two teams against each other with the choice to use a variety of weapons. The team with the most points wins. Defuse is the other popular mode, much like that of the ‘Search and Destroy’ methods in other games. One team plants the bomb, the other tries to defuse it in time. Every player has one life per round and whoever is left standing either successfully plants or defuses the bomb to win.

While the game first came across as simple, it didn’t shy from the competitive scene. Even as an Alpha game C-OPS managed to have a bracket based competition with different rulesets. A lot of the minor competitions that came out in between were focused on different and unique rule sets. Gaining popularity over the years, C-OPS seeded themselves into the growing list of games competitive through ESL. The beginning of 2017, ESL and Critical Force announced the first C-OPS Championship Series for North America and Europe. Five-on-five matches is the format and a limit of one team per esports organization.

Although the finals had been set, Critical Force recently released a change in plans. Instead of hosting a live event, they’ve decided to host the finals online, due to unforeseen complications. The prize up for grabs is $10,000USD and only a few teams have qualified. One of these teams, Team Valour, has signed under the SetToDestroyX brand, further expanding the organization’s reach across a variety of platforms and game titles in esports.

"SetToDestroyX has always prided itself on moving into new games and markets ahead of it's competition. With the rapid growth of Mobile eSports in terms of prize pools and streaming viewership it was only right to make this move." - Nicholas Claywell SetToDestroyX's Twitch Manager on the signing. "It was important to us that with our first venture into mobile esports we didn't just jump into any game but to find one that fit into our DNA as an organization. We feel Critical Ops is that game and will be a great addition to our competitive and content creation portfolios and we're incredibly excited to work with Andres 'Mr. Bates' (Captain of the new Critical Ops team) and the rest of the team."

"Since the first tournaments that were organized back in the beginning of 2016, we have been growing our Esports presence steadily. For the rest of 2017 and 2018 our focus is on further growing both the grassroot and top tier competition and content around Critical Ops. We are looking to have our first live events as well as develop and iterate the professional scene of Critical Ops together with our partners," stated Kasperi Kivistö, Esports Manager at Critical Force. "Professional organizations joining the community at this stage affects the community in a major way. The experience of running a professional team sets a notable example for the whole community. It also helps solidify the team rosters to help community following the competition and create memorable stories that will last for years."

'Team Valour,' now competing under the SetToDestroyX brand for this weekends online 10k event and all future events, is 1 of 4 teams qualified for the 10k Championship Series on August 20th. The team has consistently placed in the Top 4 in ESL tournaments finishing 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st, making them #2 in Europe and top 4 in the World. Watch the SetToDestroyX Critical Ops team this weekend live at 


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Written by STDx Journalist - CATTYNOIR

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