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Over the past 2.5 years, SetToDestroyX (STDx) eSports has had a primary focus on Call of Duty competitive gaming.  With the signing of our League of Legends team in 2014, our World of Tanks team signing in early 2015, our consistent push and development of our fast growing MLG and Youtube Content Team in the last 2 years whilst targeting diversity on the PC side, it was only a matter of time before STDx found the right balance of competitive players that possess skill, personality and committment to success within the CS:GO PC field:  Enter team PowerMODE.

Charlie "Psychology" Watson, owner of STDx has been interviewing some select CS:GO "MAIN TIER" based teams/players in 2015 sign the release of his previous team "TotalWarEsports". The new team consists of prior pro's, fresh faces and professionals that all have a similar mindset, goal and personality.  Captain Tony "Romulus" Santamaria, Patrick "TheGuy" Dupont, Reece "Bloominator" Bloom, Eric "Kwong" Kwong and Liam "Koi" Regan are now known as team name "SetToDestroyX" for CS:GO on all platforms and sites for ESEA, CEVO and STEAM.

Competiting in the current seasons for ESEA, PowerMODE we're winners of S19 ESEA Intermediate Division and with the new structure from ESEA in place, they will not be automatically moved up to "Premier" tier and will now being the new season in Main.  PowerMODE did not compete in CEVO last season do to weekl scheduling conflicts but have been granted a "Main" Tier level or intermediate and the choice is theirs to make.  Many of the players have experience playing at a professional level, with LAN experience and are looking to compete in upcoming onine tournaments and this season of ESEA and CEVO leagues as well as competing at Fragadelphia in October 2015.  The team will also be streaming live on http://MLG.Tv/SetToDestroyX and rotating on players streaming all key match ups and tournaments on the MLG platform moving forward.

Bloominator had this to say about the recent signing, "...Playing under the SetToDestroyX brand allows us to be focused more on gaming and practice.  We are ready and committed and I personally am 200% ready to take it to the next level. All of us wish to play CS:GO full time and on a larger scale and joining this organization is a huge opportunity that we are very excited to begin."  

STDx is proud to introduce the next installment to it's PC diversity, North American presence and CS:GO competitive beginning.


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