SetToDestroyX Revamps PUBG Roster

Thu 18th Jan 2018 - 3:00am : Gaming

Written By Catty Noir

It wasn’t all that long ago that SetToDestroyX jumped into the Player Unknown Battlegrounds esports scene. Over time, the PUBG team hit a few bumps in the road and the decision to shake up the roster was made. Trenton ‘Fignaldo’ Bonfiglio, currently a part of the STDx roster, found himself face to face with a team that had the same drive, dedication and focus he held to. The decision to revamp the PUBG roster will allow SetToDestroyX to move forward with a team that is completely in sync, even though the team was finalized only two weeks ago. The new lineup consists of Zach ‘Riftt,’ Ian ‘Veetv,’ Josh ‘Bluestwos’ and Trenton ‘Fignaldo,’ with Gabe ‘Allajin’ as the team sub and Andrew 'Raikar' has moved from a player on original roster, to manager of the new PUBG team moving forward.  With the changes in roster, we have officially released 'Painkiller' & 'Truhls' from the team and still retain the services of 'Mathyoo' in the system.

Before making the move to SetToDestroyX, the team participated in the Auzom Qualifiers on January 7, 2018 under the name "OVER CONFIDENT". Out of all the groups and teams that participated, they walked away with the highest kill count (84) and points (1638). The team’s founding all belongs to Riftt, who is not only team captain, but has plenty of competitive experience up his sleeve. Having dealt with bad chemistry on countless teams, he decided to build his own roster. After trying out fifty or so people, Riftt created a final team with Veetv, Allajin and Bluestwos. However, when they caught wind of Fignaldo’s talent, a perfect roster was formed which is now under the SetToDestroyX brand.

“Fig was dedicated and needed a more serious environment. We picked him up and everyone synced up in game and out.” Ian stated when asked about why they wanted to pick up the new DESTROYERS PUBG player.

What the future holds from a results POV for everyone is uncertain, but the confidence and focus of the team is set on the next tournament win. Next weekend has their schedule packed from morning till night. Starting with the Auzom Premier League, it will be the first of a twelve week journey to battle against many teams in an effort to keep their top title alive. Also on the agenda is the NA IEM Qualifiers for IEM Katowice 2018 starting on January 20, 2018. The top three EU, three NA and one from South America teams from the open qualifiers will get a chance to compete in IEM Katowice 2018 for a shot at $50,000. The team will also be competing in the PUBG Online League when it restarts in Q1 as well. PUBG esports is ever changing and players are always hoping more doors will open.

Ian ‘Veetv’ stated, “I want to see PUBG esports open up so it can be accessible for multiple types of play styles and gamers.”

In the end, this move secures SetToDestroyX’s presence in PUBG. The team likes the atmosphere that's provided and values the connection that members and staff alike have for one another under the brand. After immense trial and error, the hope for success in the future is almost certain. It won't be long before we see the fruits of their labors pay off as the rest of the PUBG world fights to take away their title.


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