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Mon 27th Jun 2016 - 10:12pm : Gaming
Infamous /// HumanJesus /// Nova /// Believe
Call of Duty has been a strange beast this year; minimal local events, minimal open majors and it seems the next game is fast approaching.  With MLG Orlando on the way in early August, and Champs Qualifiers around the corner, solidying a group that wants to commit for multiple events and most importantly, commit to each other, is important for us moving forward and into the next COD title in November.  
Our now newly signed team from NewxHope placed T24 at MLG Anaheim and had one of the most difficult brackets in the tournament.  Their first loss was to 'in2ition' however all the maps were extremely close but unfortunately dropped down to losers bracket. The team then proceeded to make a loser run, beat the newly formed 'TK' squad and then lost to 'c9 Eclipse'. We ended up placing t24 overall which ended up beating out the STDx eSports Anaheim team consisting of Prophet, Psycho, Shooky & Beehzy.
This year, Believe Placed T25 at UMG South Carolina under 'Cyborg Gaming' and made another great losers bracket run but falling short on a T16 placing to 'Flawless Gaming'. HumanJesus and Nova have played and placed in top 24 2x together under BitterSweet and in 2016, HumanJesus placed t16 at UMG South Carolina and t24 at MLG Anaheim. InFamous has placed T24 under 'iSolation' beating and has teamed with several other pro players such as 'llama', 'hazard', 'Octane' and 'Snip3down'.  When asked to comment, Joel 'Infamous' Brito said, "We are a new team in the scene right now and have been creating several upsets lately. People in the community believed we wouldn't do well but we are playing well and we wanted to prove them wrong at Anaheim."  
Will this be the event that we move out of open and into pool play?  Comment below.
Find out more about the competitive Call of Duty history, sponsors placements of SetToDestroyX eSports here
Connect and follow our new players as they prepare for MLG Orlando and Champs Qualifiers this year below:
Joel "InFamous" Brito

Dakota "Nova" Williams
Jesus "HumanJesus" Hernandez
Austin "Believe" Smith
SetToDestroyX MLG Anaheim Montage
Catch them streaming daily at:
SetToDestroyX Twitch or Infamous on Twitch
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