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SetToDestroyX has enjoyed a stunning start to the H1Z1 Pro League season and shot straight to the top of the leaderboard. After seven weeks of the season, this fledgling team has racked up a mightily impressive 167 points and has held the lead for the past 4 weeks. The second placed team is Rogue with 152 points, followed by Epsilon with 142, while big names like Vitality, Cloud9 and CLG are well behind. It is a result of some spellbinding stuff from JR "Aw_NaW" Hinds, Douglas "DougisRaw" Wolf Jr, Benjamin "BennyBoy" Holley, Matthew "Stompalittle" Willis and Jose "ProdigyAces" Soto, who have roared into the season in amazing form and are among the top slayers in the pro league to date.  

The inaugural season of H1Z1 at the Twin Galaxies Esports Event Center at Caesars Entertainment Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada, has generated a great deal of excitement among eSports aficionados. SetToDestroyX founder Charlie Watson has always sought to identify possible advantages before others in the fast-changing field of eSports and then make the most of them, and that has proven the case once again in H1Z1. SetToDestroyX has put together a strong and experienced roster, and it has emerged as the team to beat this season. It finished tied for seventh in Week 1 as it had to deal with the pre league nerves and having little time to practice with the addition of the #DESTROYERS new IGL, Prodigy Aces to the team, and since week 3, the H1Z1 Pro Team has built off of momentum and confidence.

“The first game we were a little bit nervous coming in, but once we started flying in, landed and got our bearings, it was all calm, cool and collected,” says BennyBoy after Week 1. “We didn’t really want to fight too early because we didn't want to be the first team out. We were really trying for that placement, but then also for kills. I think we ended up 8th or 9th with six or seven kills, so that put us up to 6th place after the first round. After that we were feeling good. We knew how we wanted to play. Second round, we did ok. We got 6th place with four or five kills, and that put us at 7th overall.” 

In the first game of Week 2, SetToDestroyX showcased its now customary aggressive style during the first major engagement and ended up taking 20 points on the night to move into the top five. In Week 3 it proved that was no fluke by surging past Epsilon into the top spot. It finished first in Game 1, landing 20 points, and then consolidated their lead by emerging as the best team on the night. In Week 4 STDx maintained their 1st place slot before a dominant Week 5 performance that saw them break the previous single-game record set by Epsilon in Week 2 with a 32 point game win.  However, as the new meta and aggression has been catching on with other teams in weeks 6 and 7, SetToDestroyX has seen their 40+ lead and gap dwindle down to just 15 with Rogue coming off an impressive week 7 - 2 game onslaught.  Three weeks remain before all teams and organizations break off for the summer after June 20th with the league resuming in October 2018.  


 #STDX Leads the H1PL League heading into week 8

This pro league is helping the popularity of H1Z1 soar, leading to sponsorships and other activity, such as betting. Make sure to check Youwager for the latest odds on the H1Z1 tournament and you will see how popular it is becoming. SetToDestroyX's Stompalittle believes it could soon overtake Fortnite in the Battle Royale popularity stakes. “So Fortnite right now is kind of the shining BR game, because of the Influencers that are behind it are bringing a lot of people in, and I think that H1 is just under the radar because it doesn’t have the same influence in the Twitch world,” he said. As the league takes off, continue building the story lines of players and organizations, develope the marketing of the personalities of players in the league and people behind the scenes and it’s able to reach people that don’t know about that game, because it’s free to play, they’re going to come over and try the game out.  With the incredible number of users playing H1Z1 on Playstation 4 since its release, having the game released in China, and the recent announcement of Z1 coming back after H1PL Split 1, new and old users/players are going to see the grand spectacle that’s going on in Vegas, want to go from Joe to Pro to earn a player salary, the depth and ability to make a career out of playing video games and be part of an amazing pro league, will absolutely pull people in for sure.

The sky's the limit for the H1PL and SetToDestroyX is at the forefront of it, having put together an exciting team in game that has left rivals in its wake, a powerful #DESTROYERS stream team that has some of the best H1 and diverse gaming content on Twitch to date and a management staff collective that's producing content such as #HUSTLE lead by Chief Creative Officer, Mike "Stax" Baxter, you a certain to be entertained at all waking hours of the day.



Catch the H1PL LIVE every Wednesday starting at 9:30pm EST @


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