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Fri 31st Mar 2017 - 2:07am : Gaming

UPDATE: The SetToDestroyX Female Pro League Team has qualified for the upcoming league.


Halo Esports community and competitive scene has further grown with the Female Pro League (FPL).  2017 is bringing to light an Esports league that has been semi-underground for it’s first year, and then some.  However, the start of this year brings promise to the female exclusive league as they ready for Halo in their third season. Unlike other professional leagues that are known, FPL approaches competition in a different light.  Prize money isn’t announced when sign up is opened.  Their aim is to foster players competing to become better in their skills passionately, instead of being driven by playing for the cash.  It’s not to say there isn’t a prize, but FPL considers it a bonus on top of the honor of winning, growing the community and providing a home and support system for true competitive female gamers.  If it sounds like a dream, it certainly isn’t and it’s also not too late to jump into the action.  Players are responsible for finding their own orgs and teams, but have until February 4th to sign up for the league.

The FPL Halo season is broken into two parts, qualifiers and league play. For the qualifiers, themselves, they work in a double elimination format. After the qualifiers the top ten teams who place move onto the next stage of league play. This would be carried out as a double round robin with a best of five series. It’s been stated that FPL has decided to elect the HCS ruleset without changing anything, but it hasn’t been confirmed as of yet. When the playoffs occur with the top 8 teams there will be another double elimination bracket to decide the ultimate winner of the league. It’s a full out competitive smash for the best of the best female gamers. Any one could sweep the ultimate title of Halo royalty.  The rumour mill has churned out possibilities of the league having between a $2-5k league prize pool as well as a LAN final see the best from the league battle for a large pot that could be tied into a LAN with their other female competitive title Call of Duty.

More info is sure to come out in the coming weeks but SetToDestroyX wants to ready up prior to announcements.


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