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Fri 1st May 2015 - 7:58am : Gaming

Hello, my name is CJ Montgomery and I am a content producer with SetToDestroyX ESports.

I have been a content creator for a couple years and more recently made my name on YouTube and streaming on under the name “CasualHDGamer”. I am 21 years old and I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember. I started gaming when I got my first console back in 2002 with the original Xbox along with Halo: Combat Evolved. My friends and I would spend hours on end playing games until my parents kicked me off or my homework had to be done.

One of the earliest memories I have that really sparked my interest for gaming goes back to playing Super Smash Bros., on the Nintendo 64. My cousins and I used to get together and pull all night gaming sessions hanging out in the basement and having our own Smash Bros. tournaments wired on Mountain Dew and a ton of snacks. That moment was when I realized I had a true passion for gaming.

That passion continued to grow over the years as I invested into other consoles, equipment and a professional pc and system. Eventually I got into the Call of Duty franchise, However after realizing competitve Call of Duty really wasn't what I wanted to do with my gaming career, I decided to invest into high end gaming equipment for streaming and creating YouTube videos. This strong passion for gaming has been the fire behind my motivation to become a content creator and provide the community with entertainment unique to my personality.

Please connect with me at and on



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