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SetToDestroyX eSports made the decision to sign a Brawlhalla pro from their native origins. Andrew ‘Ithrowow’ Lim is a sixteen year old who, hails from Toronto, Ontario and uses the character Bödvar. He is no stranger to the competitive scene for BH. In doubles he placed 5th at the US Winter Championships in February, 2nd place at the #2 qualifier Brawl League in March and he swept 1st at the Brawl event on May 6th. It’s not just the 2v2 world Andrew has succeeded in. When it comes to singles matches he has taken 1st place at the #3 Brawl League Open qualifier in February, 5th in the Brawl event on April 22nd and 5th in the BCS Spring Showdown in April. Ranking 4th on the US-East/NA leaderboards for 1v1 and 7th & 8th for 2v2 US-East/NA. Currently, he stands at 7th in the Brawlhalla Global Circuit for 1v1 and 13th & 19th for the 2v2 Brawlhalla Global Circuit.



The move to StDx not only brings the Canadian brand closer to home, but it promises rewards to follow with the upcoming BH events. Brawlhalla is a 2D brawler style game for PC and coming soon to PS4 made by Blue Mammoth Games and is in it’s open Beta. The game has zero add ons or pay-to-win features and has announced they plan to keep it that way. May 26-28 the Combo Break event will be held in Illinois. August 25-27, Shine 2017 will be held in Boston. For both events and for a year, Andrew will be competing under the SetToDestroyX brand. When asked about the signing, COO Jared "Visions" Goff stated, "Brawlhalla is an untapped emerging market for us dive into.  With our efforts present throughout the FGC community the last 1.5 years, in titles such as MKX, Pokken, Killer Instinct and Street Fighter V, signing a top ranked Canadian player solidifies not only our efforts in Canada but our PC division and FGC diversity."  

Hopes are high for a signing of this caliber and with loads of potential and great support provided, ‘Ithrowow’ will continue moving up the ranks.


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