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What does Super Smash Bros 4 and Christopher ‘falln’ Rugg have in common? Both are new to SetToDestroyX eSports. Christopher is a decorated SSB player dating back to 2011. He has placed high and low, but he is no stranger to the top 10 rankings for national tournaments and recently came off of a first place win in Port Priority 1v1 Rankings on May 27th, 2017. Interestingly enough, he is one of two players who have a tied record with ZeRo, considered to be the top smash player. With joining STDx, he is adding to the wide array of games the group has invested in and part of their ever growing FGC division. FALLN is mainly a Rosalina and Luma player, but his backups consist of Zero Suit Samus, Robin and Mii Gunner. Christopher’s dedication to improving with every competition encompasses the motivation and personality SetToDestroyX esports aims to attract. With a new month upon us, June will also release updated NA rankings, SoCal rankings and Global rankings and FALLN is expected to make a big jump from low-mid 30's to low 20's now.  With a big 3 months of LAN competitions coming up, Chris has hit his stride at the right time and is expected to turn some heads and continue climbing the ranks.



Super Smash Bros 4 is a collectively referred name for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The game is a crossover series fighting game. Taking characters from various Nintendo titles, you are able to battle them against one another in various modes. The competitive side tends to consist of a 1v1 ranking system and a 2v2 ranking system. Tournaments, big and small are held all over the world for SSB4. Prizes range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, with a lot of larger tournaments holding off on revealing the prize until closer to the date of the event. Future events to watch for include Smash N’ Splash 3, Dreamhack Atlanta, Dreamhack Montreal, Shine 2017 and SMASHADELPHIA 2017. While we can’t confirm that Christopher will be attending all of these events, it’s safe to say he will be fighting his way to his next podium as soon as he gets the chance.


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