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Sun 7th Jun 2015 - 9:02pm : General

"My gaming passion started a bit later than most people on YouTube and Twitch. I would always play some video games, but my time was more invested in sports.
And even when I did play video games, it mostly consisted of a variety of EA Sports games. I also never had Xbox Live till my Freshman year of College at
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. That was where my roommate introduced me to Halo 3. That started to become a passion of mine. I had played against some friends on
Hockey trips, but I always was the worst player in the room. After grinding Halo 3 for a while, I eventually started to get pretty good. Unfortunately, there were times where
I'd skip classes just to sit back and slay with my Shotty Snipe Combo. Most weekday nights were spent drinking some beers with buddies and playing Halo 3 and World at War

Halfway through my Sophomore year was when I began my YouTube hobby. I had gotten addicted to MW2 the summer before Sophomore year and was ready for Black Ops 1 to release.
I had previously watched MisterFantasmo videos to learn and gage how to be a fairly good cod player, as well as learning how to make commentaries. Once I got my HDPVR,
my pub lobby stomping days began. I would grab some clips and make some fairly wacky commentaries. Usually, pertaining to nothing in general. I could just ramble about a subject
for about 8 mins. It took quite a few videos to build an audience, but I started to gain more attention with my Girlfriend Stories. Once my Junior year came around, I was offered
YouTube partnerships from 4 different networks. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong one. It was a good beginning with my new network, but took a downhill fall once they
lost direction of what they wanted to be.

My Streaming hobby has been my main focus this past year and a half. I started a while back, but wouldn't stream more than once a week. And even then, I was using a
mac laptop and couldn't stream anything in HD. I still got viewers from my YouTube, as well as the market for streamers was not diluted as it is today. My first big stream
came via help from my buddy Swaz. It was a Saint Patrick's Day drinking stream and had been going for about 6 hours. That is when my friend got StraightUpKnives to tweet out
the stream and I went from 20 viewers too over 400 viewers in a matter of an hour. It still is probably my most fun stream to this day and it got me hooked to continue my streaming

Currently, I spend a lot of my time streaming Call of Duty games and have been trying to revamp my YouTube channels. I just recently found a passion for Smite
and hoping that it can bring back my YouTube passion that I once had. I still hope to play/stream Call of Duty, but that is more up to the product they put out rather
than my personal decision. Overall, I stream 3-5 times a week and throw in some drinking streams to the mix. I hope to continue to grow as a person, a gamer, YouTuber, and a
Streamer in the future. Despite not finding the success that I have hoped, I have found it to be a fun ride."


- Ryan "Toddler" Elliott




Charlie Watson

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