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Wed 19th Aug 2015 - 4:55pm : General


My name is Amani Mitchell but I go by “Mitchell” when I play online. I’m 20 years old and I am the Stream Manager for SetToDestroyX eSports.

I grew up around video games and it has always been a part of my life ever since. I loved Nintendo game systems and handhelds when I was growing up. My parents got me the Original GameBoy color when I came out so I was 3years old when video games came in my life. The first game they got me with the GameBoy was Pokémon. I was addicted to that game and I loved playing it. I played that game for hours on end because I could bring it everywhere. My parents noticed how much I loved playing video games so they got me the next handle Nintendo made which was the GameBoy Advance. The game I would recommend that was also fun to play was Donkey Kong. It’s a great game and I didn’t get bored so easily.

After these two Handheld I decided to get a Nintendo game system which was the Nintendo 64. After playing Super Mario I got addicted to it just like I did with Pokémon. My friends were always at my house because I got the first N64 and the only Super Mario game in my neighborhood. After I got bored of the N64 the Nintendo DS came out. My all-time favorite game on the Nintendo DS was Super Smash Bros. All my friends had that game so we had mini tournaments after school if we didn’t have sports. It was very fun to have those mini tourney and made school go back faster. We all also got the game cube but I personally didn’t find it as fun like the GameBoy or Nintendo DS.

After the game cube I decided to pick up the PlayStation 2. The PS2 was great system by PlayStation. I got so many PS2 games it’s not even funny. I loved the PS2 a lot and when I think of PS2 games I think of Grand Theft Auto. I had to beg my parents to get me this game and it was worth it lmao. PlayStation was a really great console in my opinion. I wasn’t as addicted to PS2 like I was to GameBoy or my DS because I played sports at the same time.

In 2007, Halo 3 came out on 360 and I got the 360 for Christmas It was the first time I played online which I was really excited to play against other people. I liked playing Halo 3 but I sucked so bad at it. I played customs game with my friends more than anything. My neighbor told me about a game he thought was way better than halo which was Call of Duty 4. I thought why not give it a try and thank god he told me because it was the first game I loved playing even after all the years. It’s so simple and amazing the way they built the game. I never been addicted to a game like Call of Duty 4. After COD4, Xbox 360 has been my all-time favorite game system and favorite game series to play. I didn’t start to play really competitive till Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I played a lot of GB’s and Scrims to get better. I’m very competitive in general and me grinding the game to get more game knowledge and to have a great shot was really fun.

When it came to streaming I didn’t do much till Cod MW 3. I only had a capture card to record games for GB. I streamed on and off when I first started because I had a really bad laptop to stream on but I live streaming. I like to interactive with my viewers when they asked me to play or to answer questions. I had to learn what was wrong with my stream by myself then fix the problem. So I decided to build a Gaming Pc to handle streaming and gaming no problem. One of the best thing I got for gaming because I hated Call of Duty Ghosts so much.

When COD:Ghost came out I got super bored playing it and I hated the maps. So I decided to switch to PC gaming. I played League of Legends for a year and half. I still love playing LoL because you there is so many more factors that could go wrong in a game like miss-clicking or using your spells at the wrong time. Every game is different from the last one and that’s why I like playing on PC and LoL. Recently I just started playing Counter Strike Global Offensive and I love the game. I’m ranked DMG after Only 2-3 months of playing. I will be streaming now since I getting raked against some high level people and wont completely suck lmao. I have a passion for gaming in general and it will always be a part of me.






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