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Will celebrity involvement grow esports?

There are numeroous methods to grow eSports and the rest of the world. Although eSports is growing at a rapid pace globally, with a prime example being CS:GO hitting T.V. and the ever growing giants of League of Legends and Dota 2 very few eSports disciplines have really made a huge impact on mainstream media. For eSports to become fully recognized as a real sport and an entertainment option to watch or participate in (especially for current non-gamers), the mainstream media has to get involved in a big way and countries/committees have to back it.

One of the ways to pique the interest of mainstream media is through the involvement of celebrities (outside the world of eSports) to show their interest and participation.

Celebrities could be key to mainstream growth

One of the struggles for eSports has always been to break through to the mainstream media and attain enough coverage to make a difference in the long run. Although coverage of big events, such as The international, Heroes of the Dorm, X-Games and soon the eGames are welcome stepping-stones, but nothing quite draws the interest of people like their favorite celebrity doing (or showing interest) in something they might not even be aware of.

It will be interesting to see what kind of impact celebrities have. Many are "Closet Gamers" where gaming and nerd related interest has been sheltered, misunderstood and bullied until late. More and more athletes, professionals, musicians and entertainment stars are speaking out and letting the world know they play video games. Don’t get me wrong, every person that gets involved in eSports is important, but you can’t deny the potential impact a celebrity like SHAQ, Alex Rodriques, Mr. Cuban, Lupe, 50 Cent, Jeremy Lin and various other celebrities that have multi million dollars companies, brands, and social networks, let alone $$$ and it all is exposure and growth of eSports.


Someone who might not otherwise have ever watched or searched for an eSports tournament could start to show interest if their favourite celebrity gets involved.  Imagine if, for example, someone who binge watches Dr. Phil sees a video series of him playing Call of Duty competitively? If the celebrity enjoys the game a person that was otherwise not interested in eSports could start to relate to the celebrity in question and join in, or maybe start watching / searching for eSports matches. It is definitely a distinct possibility.  

Do you think celebrity involvement is the defining factor in mainstream media coverage growth for eSports? Let us know in the comment section below.





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