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Fri 3rd Mar 2017 - 5:20am : General : Gaming
Allister Singh is an American professional Pokkén Tournament player hailing from the Bay Area of Northern California.
Known in the community by his eponymous tag "ALLISTER" he has attended countless events across North America to compete in Pokkén, and has shared his love and passion for the game with others since day 1. A Pokkén Tournament World Championship Season 1 qualifier, ALLISTER sports numerous notable tournament placings, a small selection of which include: 1st at Overheat: The Road to NEC, 2nd at Let it Shine III, and 3rd at NEC 2017
A global leader for the Pokkén community, ALLISTER rose to prominence during the formative days of the of the scene, in part due to the success of his Twitch stream, his convivial nature, and his unwavering ability to give back to the community. He is a moderator of, the /r/PokkenGame Discord, and The Burned Tower, Pokkén's flagship Suicune Discord. ALLISTER is thrilled to join team StDx and is set to destroy the competition.
See Allister at the upcoming Pokken Tournament events; Final Round XX in Atlanta, Georgia (March 10-12, 2017) and KVO x TSB 2017 in Osaka, Japan (May 4-6, 2017)
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