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Dylan Gagne


When you first started gaming? I first started gaming when I was in Elementary school and was introduced to Fifa. The first time I played Fifa was on the Nintendo 64 console. first tournament or competition? I have been involved in competitive online tournaments starting with Fifa 15 and attended my first LAN event after qualifying for Fifa 17s largest event the FIWC. why you got into gaming? I got into gaming because my sister was into it and wanted someone to obliterate in Nintendo 64 games like Mario Cart. favorite game? Fifa was a different story and because it was the only game I could beat her in it quickly became my favorite game to play. hobbies outside of gaming? My biggest hobbie outside of gaming has always been steping onto the real soccer pitch. dream job? Since age 4 I have been involved in soccer and have been taking it competitive as it is my #1 dream job to play professionally. Having so much experience on the real soccer pitch is what gives me the edge over many competitive fifa gamers today.