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Ryan Dunkel


When you first started gaming? I first started gaming at age 4. I started out on N64 and was always super competitive. first tournament or competition? Before CS I use to play semi-pro COD. I first found my passion for counter-strike 6 years ago. My first CS LAN tournament was GGcon 2015 in Toronto! why you got into gaming? It was a personal thing. I had really bad asthma during my childhood so sports couldn't be a big thing. favorite game? CSGO by far. I just can't get enough competition. I thrive in it! hobbies outside of gaming? I love fishing the most by far. I also enjoy travelling the world and experiencing other cultures. dream job? I love sales. I am very people oriented person. Would love to somehow go into eSports to do sales or even marketing. I am currently in school for marketing as well.

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