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When you first started gaming? As long as I could remember, started off with an N64 controller, switched over to PC when I was around 9. first tournament or competition? LAN ETS 2008 was my first lan, and Dreamhack Montreal was my first CSGO lan. why you got into gaming? As a kid, I found video games so interesting because you were able to play in 3D worlds, some of my favourite games were the platforms on N64 (Mario 64, Banjo, DK 64). Today, I enjoy playing video games for the competition and good times with my friends. favorite game? Warcraft 3 - the custom games on WC3 consumed my life. hobbies outside of gaming? I enjoy sports, played football, basketball, and rugby throughout my high school and college years. I enjoy movies, chilling with the homies, spending time with the gf, and going out with friends. dream job? Pro gamer! If that fails, own my own design company.

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