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James Markle


When you first started gaming? I first got my start in gaming in my early childhood on my moms NES and it grew into a passion and a love. first tournament or competition? When I was 17 I began playing Halo 2 and 3 professionally for several semi pro teams until I got signed by Status Quo I was not there long as I was injured and forced to quit. why you got into gaming? Gaming has been a love of mine for a long time and I really enjoy a competitive environment and the thrill involved in Professional Gaming. favorite game? My Favorite game is really a series it is the Halo Franchise. hobbies outside of gaming? I am a Husband to my wife of 7 years and a Father to my 2 Children also I am a IT Tech for a local networking company. dream job? My Dream Job is to be a Professional Streamer and become involved as a Caster for eSports.