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Natalie Waldrop


When you first started gaming? I first started gaming when I was ten. I remember playing Mario at a friend's house and begging my mom for a Nintendo. first tournament or competition? never competed. Gaming is just fun for me. why you got into gaming? When I was ten, I was gaming because I loved playing and was very competitive. I wanted to learn games and finish them. I stopped gaming in high school because it was just not something that was important to me. About 7 years ago, I was dating someone who played nonstop. There was only one tv in the house and he played constantly. Even, though I had played games previously, he was playing Call of Duty with a much more complex controller, movement system, etc. than I had experience with growing up playing Nintendo. But, I figured it was either learn to play or be bored out of my mind watching him. Eventually, I started playing more and more, even when he wasn't around. I was also persuaded by some of the guys that my boyfriend played online with to play with them as well. So, I did. The interactions built in with playing with the guys made gaming even more fun. I couldn't wait to go home and play. Eventually, my boyfriend and I broke up and the guys decided that they would rather hang out with me and play with me. So, we are still friends to this day and game together every week. favorite game? My favorite game is Call of Duty Black Ops 1, with Black Ops 2 at a close second. My favorite pc game is H1z1 hobbies outside of gaming? go to gym, church, spend time with dogs, friends, and family dream job? I'm doing it right now! Working for an amazing esports organization.