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Erik Tarrodi


So I got into gaming because of my older brother, playaing a lot of nintendo games like smash bros and mario kart, first online game was Diablo 2 also played to much WoW growing up. My first try at esport was in League of Legends when i was 21-23 and the very first tournaments were small Swedish ones. I got into gaming mainly because I love competing and it's a very easy and fun way to go about it, even in earlier games like I mentioned I tried really hard to beat my brother and his friends 3 years older. As for hobbies nothing to clear but books/movies/documentaries applied for university studies in Engineering Energi/Environment and I find new ways to harvest energy fascinating, but studying isn't exactly what I do best so here we are. My dream job changes a lot still I really don't think I'll want the same job for my entire life but the ones I actually strongly considered were engineer and teacher, and of course professional gamer! But yeah hopefully streaming will help me be a good teacher as well.

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