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Mikey Thorson


When you first started gaming? Original Nintendo is the first time I ever played and video game. My cousin had it so every time I got a chance I went to his house to play first tournament or competition? I was about 10-11 years old and PlayStation had a traveling bus going around the U.S. and they came to my home town. I remembered they had a bunch of tournaments that do for all different types of games. I only signed up for one and that was "NBA Street" at the time I thought I was so good at that game and thought it was the only game I couldn't be beaten in. I ended up winning it against like 30 other people of all ages. Got myself a free tshirt and some other little cooks things. why you got into gaming? As a kid I moved around a lot so I didn't have to many friends, my dad got me my first PlayStation and I was hooked. favorite game? Right now my favorite game is H1Z1, But my favorite of all time is COD4 modern warefare for xbox 360 hobbies outside of gaming? Well outside of gaming I am a father and a husband so I spend a lot of time with them, I also love to workout, draw, get tattoos, shoot weapons, and just enjoy life dream job? Well since I put 5 years in the military with a combat deployment to Afghanistan in the US Army infantry, reaching the rank of SGT, I was privileged enough to train soldiers and prepare them for war and the future. So I would love to be some kind of Tactical instructor, either for the police force or Swat Teams