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Drew Ruggiero


When you first started gaming- I have been gaming just about since i was born. My father is a huge gamer himself and got me started young and ive never stopped since!!! First tournament/Competition- Ive been competing on the top level/teams since 2002 on Socom 1 back when gamebattles/mlg was actual Socombattles.com those were the good ole days. Why I got into gaming- Mainly my father and I would always play when i was young then as i got older most of my best friends would all be playing sports and dont get me wrong i liked sports but i liked video games ALOT more and competing on gaming felt alot more satisfying!! Favorite game- Easily socom 2 was the best game id ever played! Hobbies outside of gaming- Hanging out with friends, going to bars, and concerts. Dream Job- To become the President!!