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Joshua Rodgers


When you first started gaming? The earliest I remember is at 2 years old with Command & Conquer: Red Alert Retaliation for the PlayStation 1; What I consider to be my true introduction into gaming would be Unreal Tournament 1999 Game Of The Year Edition. first tournament or competition? My first competition you could say was in League of Legends with a team called "Team Orbit" in Major League Gaming.com, which has no connection to my knowledge to the Esports "Orbit Gaming". why you got into gaming? I simply enjoyed the experience it brought me and the people I've met. favorite game? My favorite game would come down to Unreal Tournament 1999 for the simple nostalgia and that I can come back to it and still enjoy it, with Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds being right there with it. hobbies outside of gaming? The only real hobby I have outside of gaming that I enjoy would be paintball. dream job? My dream job lets be real has and always will be to become a pro gamer with a career in something related to computers as a secondary goal.