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Hayden Orton


Hi there everyone. For those who don't know me My Name is Hayden and i am a Halo Competitor. I've been competing in Halo for 9 years and have been trying to become a pro player ever since i was 10 years old. I now stream under SetToDestroyX and have recently got into playing PC Games. I now try my best to mix up the games i play on stream for the viewers. For what i do outside of gaming currently work in a retail store and my hobbies are mainly Chilling with friends, Hanging out or Going to the gym 

My Hardware

  • Brand Acer
  • GFX Asus 750 Ti GeForce
  • Mouse LogitechG 502 Spectrum
  • Mousepad Corsair
  • Keyboard LogitechG G910
  • Headset Astro A40's
  • Mobile Phone Samsung