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Matthew Rebelo


When you first started gaming? I started gaming really young when i seen my older cousins playing streetfighter 2 back in 1993 and i asked them to try and from there i feel inlove with fighting games first tournament or competition? My first time i played in a tournament was in 2009 in streetfighter 4 why you got into gaming? I got into gaming really hard was when i was under house arrest i couldn’t go out so i was basically playing day and night and to be honest gaming better my life kept me out of trouble favorite game? Favorite game of all time megaman x . favorite game at the moment inj2 hobbies outside of gaming? Spending time with my 4 daughters , collecting action figures like marvel legends, sh figuarts etc. dream job? Owning my own comicbook/collectibles shop or getting payed weekly to do what i love playing fighting games there is a income in it for me now but its not a steady income like everyweek. With the amount of hours i put into training everyweek it would be nice because its something i love doing !

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