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Henry Mason


I started gaming back when I was three years old. I would play Starfox 64, Smash bros. 64, and Paper Mario with my older brother whenever the two of us were bored and home at the same time. The first tournament I played in was a Starcraft II tournament back in my freshman year of high school. I don't think I did too well... I've always been surrounded by gaming. My older brother had a Nintendo 64 and whenever he wasn't using it I can promise you I was. I remember starting up Paper Mario and not knowing how to read half the words in the game's dialogue at the time, but that play through of Paper Mario was by far the most memorable one of any game I've ever beaten. My favorite game of all time is without a doubt Paper Mario, while my favorite game right now is ARMS. Outside of being a competitive gamer, I am a Theater Actor and a Voice Actor. My dream job would be to perform in a play on Broadway some day.

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