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Kyle Chabot


When you first started gaming? I first started gaming probably around the age of 9-10 with my dad & brother. We used to play Unreal Tournament Game of the Year addition in our basement, and at my uncle’s we would have small LAN parties during family get togethers. first tournament or competition? My first tournament was in 2012 for the Modern Warfare 3 event called UGC Niagara. It was my first real look into eSports and helped spark my passion to become apart of the community & industry itself. favorite game? My favourite game would have to be H1Z1 KotK currently, and Mario Party for all time. hobbies outside of gaming? Some of my hobbies outside of gaming include photography & art, I love to draw graffiti in my spare time. dream job? My dream job would be working along a Major eSports Organization or Company, on Salary helping them move their brand into the future and helping develop my skills and talents in the process while studying the culture & style of the industry from the inside.