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Charlie Watson


When you first started gaming? First started at my best friend Greg'g house as he had a Super NES and we played "Blades of Steel" hockey game. My first console was a Sega Genesis 16Bit and loved every moment of it. first tournament or competition? I never competed in a professional tournament but always love clan battles vs other well know COD teams starting back in MW3. why you got into gaming? I got into gaming as a de-stresser from normal life. It became a passion when I stepped into the world of RPG's and the backstories, characters and dialogue. As graphics and game play got better over time, I began honing in on the business aspect and vision for how I wanted to build an organization in the industry. I always saw gaming as a business and a passion. favorite game? Final Fantasy 7 hobbies outside of gaming? Spending time with my wife and daughter. dream job? CEO of SetToDestroyX

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