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Mike Baxter

  • London, Ontario, Canada
  • June 29th, 1993
  • @StDxStaX


First video game console I started playing on was the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), mostly Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. I've always played video games throughout my entire life, but it was taken seriously till I discovered the "Call of Duty" series. My first online tournament was a March Madness Tournament on the Gamebattles website for Modern Warfare 3 where we ended up getting eliminated in the 4th round. From there I got the taste of the competitive spirit and competed in several LAN tournaments before giving up the pro player dream in the middle of Call of Duty: Ghosts, where I moved into a Management role on Purist Gaming. From there I was approached by Charlie Watson of SetToDestroyX to take on a Vital role as Chief Creative Officer for the company, and that's where I'm at today. Majority of my hobbies outside of Gaming is photography and videography, as well as watching TV shows and movies with my Girlfriend. Gaming is a passion of mine that will never die, and I'm very excited to see where eSports will be in the future.

My Hardware