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Ludovic Emond


When I first started gaming ? I started when I was 5 years old playing Warcraft 2 with my dad, and a lot of Playstation 1 games like Crash bandicoot. After that, I started playing a lot of Call of Duty 4 on PC with my older brother that was competing competitively already. When I hit 12 (When Call of duty 4 died). So I after that I started playing League of Legends casually with some friends and then later on CS:GO on a more serious note. First tournament or competition ? When I hit 16 that's where I started playing Counter-strike, missing the fps games a lot. I kind of needed a passion at this time so that's where I saw there was actually tournaments going for CS:GO. I started to grind the game and putting a lot of work. I was playing online on ESEA through open divison to premier division. My first tournament was with ANIXIA Esports, when we finished 2nd at Lan ETS in Montreal and that's where everything started. After that Ive been under the name of ACE gaming winning Dreamhack MTL 2016 and qualified for Northern arena Toronto. Why you got into gaming ? At 16 years old I thought that I needed a passion, I needed something to go through life. You know some people just work 40 hours a week and then they go to sleep and they watch tv when they come home and they don't have passions. I was kind of thinking about this kind of life, and how I didn't want this to happen to me. I wanted to be different, trying to explore something I loved and compete in it. That's where I decided to dedicate Counter-Strike and become a Counter-Strike player. Favorite Game? Obviously, Counter-Strike Global Offensive Hobbies outside of gaming? I don't have a lot of hobbies, everytime I have I just play the game and try to become better, if I have spare time I just go to see my friends a little and have some fun. Other than that I work, and I go to school. Dream job? My dream job, is becoming a stable professional e-sports athelte and be able to travel all around the world. If I can't make it, my B plan is to become a psychologist, and if I can make it into e-sports with that aswell that could be awseome.