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Jared Goff


When you first started gaming? I first started gaming on the Sega Dreamcast but started really getting into gaming on the Gamecube and Original Xbox with my brother and sister. first tournament or competition? The first time I played any competitive was on CoD Bo2 and it was an underground tournament I found on twitter. But I quickly realized I enjoyed running a team more than I did playing. why you got into gaming? What first got me into gaming was playing games with my siblings and friends in the neighborhood. After a few years I really stopped playing video games but picked it up later on for personal reasons going on at the time. favorite game? My favorite multiplayer game is CoD Bo2 and my favorite single player game is Assassins Creed 3. hobbies outside of gaming? Outside of gaming I love traveling and seeing historic sites. dream job? My dream job has changed a lot in my life but I think I have finally figured out what I want to do for the rest of my life and that is the eSports business and/or the making of video games.

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  • CPU AMD 8350
  • Motherboard MSI 970 GAMING
  • GFX MSI R9 390
  • RAM HyperX DDR3 1866mhz
  • Storage Samsung evo ssd
  • Monitor Asus VN247H-Q x3
  • Headset Astro A40's
  • Mobile Phone Samsung S8