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Dillon Wrigley


When you first started gaming? I originally started playing videogames when I was around 12 years old, and I planned on playing together with my older brother who was already fond of gaming. The first game we tried was War Rock but it wouldn't install properly on our computers, so we ended up finding and installing a game called Crossfire. first tournament or competition? In 2013 I started playing small community-hosted events, and in early 2014 I began playing official matches as part of the ESL GO4 Crossfire Cups. why you got into gaming? My brother quit after a few days and at the time I was also playing baseball and soccer almost 7 days a week which resulted in me playing Crossfire casually and infrequently, but eventually the competitive scene caught my eye and I started playing more with the intent of becoming good enough to compete. favorite game? Crossfire has now became my favorite game, and with an interesting and somewhat controversial journey, I've made it to the number 1 North American team SetToDestroyX. hobbies outside of gaming? Making it to the MLB used to be my dream job, but since then I've shifted to hoping that competitive Crossfire gains traction in the esports world which would allow me to play full-time. dream job? Right now I'm a freshman at Florida State, and aside from Crossfire, I spend a lot of time at the gym and playing sports casually.