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Jonathan Holland


When you first started gaming? I first started actually playing more than once a week/month whenever I collapsed a disc in my back during football and I was unable to really walk for months. I fell in love with gaming at that time, and ever since then I haven't stopped! first tournament or competition? The CFL League in 2013 that qualified you for the CFStars Qualifier (largest tournament in CrossFire). I played with my friends but I was quickly picked up by the #1 team halfway through that season. why you got into gaming? I enjoy competition so much and gaming is the best source of constant competition. favorite game? My favorite game of all time is CrossFire. I am not that well-versed in many classic games because I started gaming so late, but my first love has to be my favorite! hobbies outside of gaming? I love to play Basketball from time to time, but overall, my main thing is gaming haha dream job? My dream job would have to be something esports related. I have already dipped my fingers into Casting a little bit and I found that I'm pretty good at that, but, honestly, I would love to do anything esports related.

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