• Riotmaker

    30 years old.  Full time employee and almost full time streamer!  Primarily a Fortnite player/streamer on Xbox and playing competitively for Xbox as well. ...Read More

  • Flake of Wrath

    Hey Everyone!   My name is Michael Stevens Aka Flake of Wrath! I am a Professional Fortnite player and Twitch Partner and have been streaming since January 2nd 2015! I have a podcast named "Things About Things" and stream on the daily here:   I am a Weatherman in real life! A great and fun job! More

  • Gangstarican

    I am a proud member of StDx. 35 year old father with 2 kids work full time and stream 5 days a week love to play call of duty , division , Gta V , and love to support other ...Read More

  • Teecy

    I am a 19 year old gamer and pro player for Set to Destroy X.  Part time streamer looking to make it full time! Love to play games and entertain people through streaming.  ...Read More

  • JustOutPlayed

    ...Read More