• Doug is Raw

    Doug is a professional H1Z1 Player for SetToDestroyX. He was signed in January of 2017 as a part of STDx's initial entry into H1Z1. As a member of the H1Z1 team Doug was invited to LA to compete in the very 1st H1Z1 5s LAN called Fight For The Crown. All though STDx fell short at FFTC he along with Aw_naW decided it was time to make a roster change picking up 3 members of the Strictly Business H1Z1 team. This team would go on to compete at Dreamhack Atlanta falling short in the teams qualifiers as well as the solo qualifiers. Do to extenuating circumstances a player in the Solo Finals was un able to compete and Doug was their replacement. He would go on to finish 10th overall and 5th in kills in the Solo Finals....Read More

  • Aw naW

    When you first started gaming? High school first tournament or competition? FFTC why you got into gaming? A friend favorite game? Counter Strike 1.6 hobbies outside of gaming? Freestyle Motocross dream job? I have them...Read More

  • cKlaas

    When you first started gaming? Ive been gaming all my life. Started on a sega when i was a little kid. first tournament or competition? Black ops 2 in Anaheim ca 2013 why you got into gaming? I have always loved video games. Its a great way to meet friends and to hangout with people without going out and spending money. favorite game? I would have to say the Final Fantasy series. hobbies outside of gaming? Hobbies would be spending time with my wife and kids. dream job? Dream job would be to make enough money playing games to support my wife and kids....Read More

  • MikeyyMurda

    When you first started gaming? Original Nintendo is the first time I ever played and video game. My cousin had it so every time I got a chance I went to his house to play first tournament or competition? I was about 10-11 years old and PlayStation had a traveling bus going around the U.S. and they came to my home town. I remembered they had a bunch of tournaments that do for all different types of games. I only signed up for one and that was "NBA Street" at the time I thought I was so good at that game and thought it was the only game I couldn't be beaten in. I ended up winning it against like 30 other people of all ages. Got myself a free tshirt and some other little cooks things. why you got into gaming? As a kid I moved around a lot so I didn't have to many friends, my dad got me my first PlayStation and I was hooked. favorite game? Right now my favorite game is H1Z1, But my favorite of all time is COD4 modern warefare for xbox 360 hobbies outside of gaming? Well outside of gaming I am a father and a husband so I spend a lot of time with them, I also love to workout, draw, get tattoos, shoot weapons, and just enjoy life dream job? Well since I put 5 years in the military with a combat deployment to Afghanistan in the US Army infantry, reaching the rank of SGT, I was privileged enough to train soldiers and prepare them for war and the future. So I would love to be some kind of Tactical instructor, either for the police force or Swat Teams ...Read More

  • BennyBoy

    When you first started gaming? I first started gaming back in 2004 when I was only 5 years old. first tournament or competition? I competed in my first online tournament, H1Z1 2017 Showdown, in May. I also competed in my first LAN tournament, which was also in 2017, H1Z1 Elite Series in DreamHack Atlanta. why you got into gaming? I got into gaming because of my older brother. I started out watching him play before I could read and then followed in his footsteps. favorite game? My favorite game is currently H1Z1, but I also play Csgo, PUBG, and RocketLeague. hobbies outside of gaming? My hobbies outside of gaming include playing baseball, skateboarding, paintball, and playing the guitar. dream job? My dream job would be playing esports professionally or having a career in the computer science field. ...Read More

  • Shotz

    When you first started gaming? When i was around 12 years old first tournament or competition? H1Z1 Fight For the Crown H1Z1 Dreamhack Atlanta why you got into gaming? love competing favorite game? H1Z1 hobbies outside of gaming? Fishing football baseball dream job? Own a Esport team ...Read More

  • Stomp

    When you first started gaming? When I was around 11-12~ with Diablo1 and Diablo2 first tournament or competition? IEM Keiv Qualifiers Season 2 League of Legends Most Recent: Dreamhack Atlanta why you got into gaming? I enjoy gaming as a hobby and as a Full-time streamer because of the many different genres of games (FPS, MMO, MOBA, Looter Shooter etc) and the various people I get to play with and complete against. I take competition very serious and I always strive to be the best. favorite game? Diablo 2/ Dark Age of Camelot will forever have a special place in my heart in terms of just fun games. Competitively H1z1 is my favorite. hobbies outside of gaming? Outside of gaming I'm a very social person on top of being a huge TV show/Movie critic. I'm also an ex-gym rat so I still dabble with that from time to time. dream job? I currently have my dream job in terms on where I am as a Twitch Partner however I still have a long road ahead of building my community and being the person I know I can in order to give back to the world....Read More