• StDxCharlie

    Owner | Founder | CEO of @SetToDestroyX eSports Partnered Twitch Streamer at  ...Read More

  • StaX

    My name is Mike Baxter and I am a Professional eSports Photographer/Videographer with 9 Years of experience in Digital Media. Competitive Video Gaming and eSports has been a passion of mine, as well as Visual Imagery, Showcasing intimate moments & editing to bring the entire project to life. Event Photography Event Videography Editing and Compiling footage from Multiple Sources Brand Advertising and Social Media Marketing Proposing/Pitching Media Coverage Services for Events to Different Organizations and Businesses Overseeing and Approving all Content within the Organization to upload to various Social Outlets...Read More

  • Visions

    Chief Operations Officer at @SetToDestroyX | Business ...Read More

  • Dreamer

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  • Lynx

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  • RakePlays

    Twitch Manager for SetToDestroyX | Twitch & Discord Partner | Business Email: More

  • darkluminousone

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  • Catty Noir

    Journalist for SetToDestroyX. Avid blogger and advocate for disabled gamers....Read More

  • Truth

    Competitive Manager @ SetToDestroyX More

  • Frost

    Hi! My name is Blaine, I'm 18 years old, and I am the YouTube Manager for SetToDestroyX. I make pretty videos for Charlie and such. Just doing my job! ...Read More

  • StDxFreeStyles

    Partnered @Twitch Streamer | Compliance Manager for @SetToDestroyX | @DiscordApp Partner http://Discord.GG/Freestylesgaming...Read More

  • Sage

    I'm 23 years old, I've been freelancing in Graphic Design for almost 7 years now and I've mainly focused my growth around the eSports sector of design and I'm also the ex-lead designer for The RiseNation....Read More

  • Nathaen Wood

    I am Nathaen, just a kid from California with a camera, a dream, and dedication....Read More