• StDxCharlie

    When you first started gaming? First started at my best friend Greg'g house as he had a Super NES and we played "Blades of Steel" hockey game. My first console was a Sega Genesis 16Bit and loved every moment of it. first tournament or competition? I never competed in a professional tournament but always love clan battles vs other well know COD teams starting back in MW3. why you got into gaming? I got into gaming as a de-stresser from normal life. It became a passion when I stepped into the world of RPG's and the backstories, characters and dialogue. As graphics and game play got better over time, I began honing in on the business aspect and vision for how I wanted to build an organization in the industry. I always saw gaming as a business and a passion. favorite game? Final Fantasy 7 hobbies outside of gaming? Spending time with my wife and daughter. dream job? CEO of SetToDestroyX...Read More

  • StaX

    First video game console I started playing on was the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), mostly Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. I've always played video games throughout my entire life, but it was taken seriously till I discovered the "Call of Duty" series. My first online tournament was a March Madness Tournament on the Gamebattles website for Modern Warfare 3 where we ended up getting eliminated in the 4th round. From there I got the taste of the competitive spirit and competed in several LAN tournaments before giving up the pro player dream in the middle of Call of Duty: Ghosts, where I moved into a Management role on Purist Gaming. From there I was approached by Charlie Watson of SetToDestroyX to take on a Vital role as Chief Creative Officer for the company, and that's where I'm at today. Majority of my hobbies outside of Gaming is photography and videography, as well as watching TV shows and movies with my Girlfriend. Gaming is a passion of mine that will never die, and I'm very excited to see where eSports will be in the future....Read More

  • Visions

    When you first started gaming? I first started gaming on the Sega Dreamcast but started really getting into gaming on the Gamecube and Original Xbox with my brother and sister. first tournament or competition? The first time I played any competitive was on CoD Bo2 and it was an underground tournament I found on twitter. But I quickly realized I enjoyed running a team more than I did playing. why you got into gaming? What first got me into gaming was playing games with my siblings and friends in the neighborhood. After a few years I really stopped playing video games but picked it up later on for personal reasons going on at the time. favorite game? My favorite multiplayer game is CoD Bo2 and my favorite single player game is Assassins Creed 3. hobbies outside of gaming? Outside of gaming I love traveling and seeing historic sites. dream job? My dream job has changed a lot in my life but I think I have finally figured out what I want to do for the rest of my life and that is the eSports business and/or the making of video games. ...Read More

  • Dreamer

    When you first started gaming? On NES playing the Mario series and a hockey game. first tournament or competition? I’ve never played one why you got into gaming? I loved the feeling of getting lost in the game and adventuring through worlds. favorite game? Currently Destiny 2, Generally CoD: Black Ops hobbies outside of gaming? Designing. dream job? Designing for/under an established Organization that feels like home. So i guess my dreams came true already with StDx!...Read More

  • Lynx

    When you first started gaming? I first started gaming when I was ten. I remember playing Mario at a friend's house and begging my mom for a Nintendo. first tournament or competition? never competed. Gaming is just fun for me. why you got into gaming? When I was ten, I was gaming because I loved playing and was very competitive. I wanted to learn games and finish them. I stopped gaming in high school because it was just not something that was important to me. About 7 years ago, I was dating someone who played nonstop. There was only one tv in the house and he played constantly. Even, though I had played games previously, he was playing Call of Duty with a much more complex controller, movement system, etc. than I had experience with growing up playing Nintendo. But, I figured it was either learn to play or be bored out of my mind watching him. Eventually, I started playing more and more, even when he wasn't around. I was also persuaded by some of the guys that my boyfriend played online with to play with them as well. So, I did. The interactions built in with playing with the guys made gaming even more fun. I couldn't wait to go home and play. Eventually, my boyfriend and I broke up and the guys decided that they would rather hang out with me and play with me. So, we are still friends to this day and game together every week. favorite game? My favorite game is Call of Duty Black Ops 1, with Black Ops 2 at a close second. My favorite pc game is H1z1 hobbies outside of gaming? go to gym, church, spend time with dogs, friends, and family dream job? I'm doing it right now! Working for an amazing esports organization....Read More

  • RakePlays

    When you first started gaming? I started gaming when I was about 4 years old on the NES playing Contra. first tournament or competition? My first tournament was OpTic Hitch's MW2 Farewell Tournament. Where I got 15th in a 16 team tournament lol #ICED why you got into gaming? I got into gaming as an escape when I was kid. Gaming allowed me to not worry about the bs going on around me in my everyday life. favorite game? Fallout 3/NV I spent so much time in that universe it's insane. I can't think of any other game series that sucked me in like that. hobbies outside of gaming? I love to read mystery and fantasy books. I love to go shooting I've been around guns and gun culture since I was a kid and it's one of the few passions I have outside of gaming. dream job? I'm doing it right now. I wanted to be a Streamer and be in Esports. I started out watching YouTube and thinking hey I can do that. It's been a long road to get here but it's been worth every mile. z...Read More

  • Sage

    When you first started gaming? I first started gaming probably around the age of 9-10 with my dad & brother. We used to play Unreal Tournament Game of the Year addition in our basement, and at my uncle’s we would have small LAN parties during family get togethers. first tournament or competition? My first tournament was in 2012 for the Modern Warfare 3 event called UGC Niagara. It was my first real look into eSports and helped spark my passion to become apart of the community & industry itself. favorite game? My favourite game would have to be H1Z1 KotK currently, and Mario Party for all time. hobbies outside of gaming? Some of my hobbies outside of gaming include photography & art, I love to draw graffiti in my spare time. dream job? My dream job would be working along a Major eSports Organization or Company, on Salary helping them move their brand into the future and helping develop my skills and talents in the process while studying the culture & style of the industry from the inside....Read More

  • Montana

    When you first started gaming? 5 years ago when i met Charlie first tournament or competition? I have never competed but have been to One of the Cineplex finals with Charlie and his team why you got into gaming? To truly understand what it is that Charlie does favorite game?H1Z1 hobbies outside of gaming? Hiking, spending time with family and friends dream job? A doctor ...Read More

  • stdxkyle

    When you first started gaming? 2009 when I first picked up the game crossfire. first tournament or competition? Frost Gaming LAN 2013 (Crossfire) why you got into gaming? I love competition and I love video games. Something about the passion that gamers have for their respective titles has always kept me around the gaming world ever since I first dove into it. favorite game? Right now I mainly play Crossfire, Rocket League, and CS:GO. hobbies outside of gaming? I enjoy martial arts, drumming, and traveling. dream job? My Dream job is to travel the world continuing to pursue my passion for Esports....Read More