• StDxCharlie

    When you first started gaming? First started at my best friend Greg'g house as he had a Super NES and we played "Blades of Steel" hockey game. My first console was a Sega Genesis 16Bit and loved every moment of it. first tournament or competition? I never competed in a professional tournament but always love clan battles vs other well know COD teams starting back in MW3. why you got into gaming? I got into gaming as a de-stresser from normal life. It became a passion when I stepped into the world of RPG's and the backstories, characters and dialogue. As graphics and game play got better over time, I began honing in on the business aspect and vision for how I wanted to build an organization in the industry. I always saw gaming as a business and a passion. favorite game? Final Fantasy 7 hobbies outside of gaming? Spending time with my wife and daughter. dream job? CEO of SetToDestroyX...Read More

  • Riotmaker

    30 years old.  Full time employee and almost full time streamer!  Primarily a Fortnite player/streamer on Xbox and playing competitively for Xbox as well. ...Read More

  • Synnsations

    Hey everyone I am Mike aka "Synn" and I am 25 and a streamer and content Creator. I play Xbox One and PC, mainly PC. My GT: Synnsationz Steam: Synnsations | Twitch Feel free to add me and play! Main Games: Overwatch, Fortnite, Elder Scrolls Online, Rocket League. Expanding into more games as we speak :D...Read More

  • RakePlays

    When you first started gaming? I started gaming when I was about 4 years old on the NES playing Contra. first tournament or competition? My first tournament was OpTic Hitch's MW2 Farewell Tournament. Where I got 15th in a 16 team tournament lol #ICED why you got into gaming? I got into gaming as an escape when I was kid. Gaming allowed me to not worry about the bs going on around me in my everyday life. favorite game? Fallout 3/NV I spent so much time in that universe it's insane. I can't think of any other game series that sucked me in like that. hobbies outside of gaming? I love to read mystery and fantasy books. I love to go shooting I've been around guns and gun culture since I was a kid and it's one of the few passions I have outside of gaming. dream job? I'm doing it right now. I wanted to be a Streamer and be in Esports. I started out watching YouTube and thinking hey I can do that. It's been a long road to get here but it's been worth every mile. z...Read More

  • PreSchool

    Hi there everyone. For those who don't know me My Name is Hayden and i am a Halo Competitor. I've been competing in Halo for 9 years and have been trying to become a pro player ever since i was 10 years old. I now stream under SetToDestroyX and have recently got into playing PC Games. I now try my best to mix up the games i play on stream for the viewers. For what i do outside of gaming currently work in a retail store and my hobbies are mainly Chilling with friends, Hanging out or Going to the gym ...Read More

  • StDxDrax

    Life long gamer and entertainer here using the combination of technology and gaming to brighten the world one stream at a time. An all around nice guy (unless it comes down to that last clutch kill needed, then things can get heated) I'm just here to have a blast!...Read More

  • Eli X

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  • SpazEffect

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  • Flake of Wrath

    Hey Everyone!   My name is Michael Stevens Aka Flake of Wrath! I am a Professional Fortnite player and Twitch Partner and have been streaming since January 2nd 2015! I have a podcast named "Things About Things" and stream on the daily here:   I am a Weatherman in real life! A great and fun job! More

  • StDxWOLF

    I am a variety streamer who loves to play pc, xbox, and ps4 games. i do not have a set schedule right now but will soon. i grind games usaually trying to get better and better at the so come watch me progress....Read More

  • ryantruegamer

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  • Skunkodor

    Skunk is a 28 year old Southern guy with a love of games and interacting with lovely interesting people. He lives to play a variety of games with a particular love for rpgs and shooters. We all have stories and this is a place for sharing those tales. He loves creating content that allows us to create stories of our own within his wonderful community. Disclaimer: The enlargement issue thing is truly ludicrous!...Read More

  • WickedSarah

    My name is Sarah and I'm a nerdy introvert from the small state of Delaware. I've been streaming on and off Twitch for around 4 years and have loved every minute it of it. I'm currently trying to juggle a 10hr work day, gym and streaming at the same time. I love all things gaming and horror- especially zombies. I can be shy at times but don't hesitate to hit me up for a chat or some games :)...Read More

  • CwRNA

    A genuine and friendly streamer looking to satisfy my hungry belly and share my love of food with everyone. This stream is meant for cooking for 2, and recipes will be uploaded shortly after. I am a student and a fairly new to cooking, but I've watched enough Food Network to get the jist of it I'm not new to streaming, I enjoy streaming with my BF @Drax_420 and we like to kick zombie and alien butt....Read More

  • snowbunnz

    Heyo! I'm Laura AKA snowbunnz. I'm a Master's student (in chemistry) by day, and a variety streamer by night! <3...Read More

  • StarSkiWars

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  • Laura

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  • SloppyOldTuna

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  • stdxgrek

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  • Righty

    My name is Chris but I go by Righty. I'm a partnered Twitch Streamer! I stream Destiny 2 and Fortnite as of right now. Prior to streaming I was teaching English throughout Japan at numerous international schools. I have since left and began streaming full time. It has become a true passion for me. You can find me almost 7 days a week at and on twitter @StDxRighty. Hope to see you all soon!...Read More

  • StDxHonor

    I like to shoot things....Read More

  • dadbodtv

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  • StDxUtopia114

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  • StDxJames

    Hi There james i am a twitch streamer and a youtuber and love streaming games and help alot of pepole out in the games world i am always streaming everyday and night with couple of hour brake here and there i just love doing this james  My  youtube is and my twitch is http;// i m always streaming come check me out thx james ...Read More

  • JohnnyVito

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  • StDxDunkinhonut

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  • StDxRelapse

    Streamer for StDx. The Grind continues. I. AM . THE. MACK. DADDY...Read More

  • TuckerToad

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  • mcdraft

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  • Ishcakes

    Most people call me Ishcakes or Ish for short. I love to stream and game. My favorite games are from Fallout series and Mass Effect. I'm from Indiana and have an awesome 9 year old son. I've been a Twitch streamer for about 2 1/2 years now. ...Read More

  • StDxMunster

    Munster is a Professional Streamer for SetToDestroyX that streams high quality Pokken Tournament DX Content on Twitch. Born in southern Canada, Munster strives to bring the best possible Pokken content to Twitch, by honing his skills fighting high tier players online and hosting occasional local touranments that can be viewed from his channel. He also plays other games with his friends such as CS:GO, H1Z1, and The Forest when he isn't battling it out to become the very best like no one ever was. Munster also Competes in Pokken on his spare time, placing within the Top 25 at Dreamhack Austin and 3rd to 1st at most of his locals that he hosts off LAN.  You can find Munster streaming from 10pm EST to 2am or later on most weekdays or weekends on either his own channel or the SetToDestroyX channel every Friday starting at 10:30pm EST....Read More

  • blackre3per

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  • damnitbennett

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  • YungKhan

    A Graphic Artist who mainly focuses on graphics for twitch, and twitter. Owner and Operator of Khan Art LLC out of Cleveland Oh. I stream 7 days a week where the coffee is always hot, the beard is epic, and the art is an ever improving process....Read More

  • krissyy

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  • xoxokaralee

    I'm a variety streamer who is new to the gaming world! I'm an Engineer by day, and have a foster fail lab named Lois. ...Read More

  • daradef

    I'm DaraDef. I'm a Canadian dweeeeeb and variety streamer :P I stream cosplay crafting/prop making, and a lot of gaming - from atmospheric indies, to slow-burn horrors, and everything in between! I love PUBG (600 hours played) - I may  have a problem :P I have a rabbit, a 5 month old pupper, and a fat AF cat <3 ...Read More

  • Swell

    Recently added to the SettoDestroyX Stream Team. Excited to be given this oppurtunity, and have a competitive Halo and FPS background with games and streaming!...Read More

  • StDxTucaWillow

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  • ogvn

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  • stdxbeast

    I'm StDxBeast A proud Streamer of ( StDx ) SetToDestroyX. ...Read More

  • azurela

    26 years of age. I'm a fun, outgoing person with a love for Battle Royale games. Come check out the stream sometime and chill! ...Read More

  • littleztv

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  • hybridink

    Tattoo Artist and H1z1 Comp Player ...Read More

  • beardedarmyman

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